Dorset Churches

By Michael Day

Melbury Bubb Church

St. Mary, Melbury Bubb, Dorset


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The Dorset Churches Web site aims to produce brief information about Dorset church buildings. For each Church listed in the index below, there will be a photograph of part of the exterior and (in some cases) with additional information on published sources, guide-books and bells. I now have basic pages for all Dorset churches, but many do not have either images or descriptions. I will attempt to remedy this over the next few years.

Those with a more serious interest in Dorset churches will need to refer to the standard printed sources. Hutchins' History and antiquities of the County of Dorset (3rd ed., 1861-75) remains invaluable and is a very good example of an eighteenth century county history. It contains descriptions of churches from the Rev. John Hutchin's first edition of the history (1774), in most cases updated by the editors of the third edition. The Royal Commission on Historical Monuments for England (RCHME) have produced five volumes of An inventory of historical monuments in the County of Dorset (1952-76) that contain a great deal of interesting information on churches and other buildings. John Newman and Nikolaus Pevsner's volume on Dorset in Pevsner's Buildings of England series (1972) can be rather brief but contains many witty comments and is always informative.

Supplementing these "core" resources are other, locally published, works, e.g.: Pitfield's Dorset parish churches A-D (1981) and Purbeck parish churches (1985) Both combine textual descriptions of each church with copious illustrations. The Dorset Historic Churches Trust's illustrated booklet Dorset Churches (current edition, 1988) also contains brief descriptions of selected churches and is for sale in some churches (price in June 1999: £3.00). The Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society contain many articles of relevance to church architecture and history, especially the "Notes on some Dorset churches" by Glynne (1923-24) and a series of articles on church architecture and fittings by Long (e.g. 1923a, 1923b, 1924). Naturally, church guide books can also be a major source of information about both history and architecture but can vary in quality enormously. Those published by the Churches Conservation Trust (formerly the Redundant Churches Fund) are particularly good.

The most recent account of the church bells of Dorset is by Christopher Dalton (2000-2003). For these pages I have tended to rely on the earlier published descriptions given by the great campanologists Raven (1903-06) and Walters (1938), supplemented by information given by the RCHME and individual guide books. For up-to-date information on bells used for change-ringing, I have used Dove's A bellringer's guide to the church bells of Britain (8th ed., 1994), supplemented by information taken from the bellringers' newspaper The Ringing World and the annual reports of the Salisbury Diocesan Guild of Ringers (SDGR) and the Dorset County Association of Church Bell Ringers (DCA). Wherever possible, I will now update these using the latest (10th) edition of Dove's guide (2012).

All of the churches included here have been visited within the past twenty years (since 1996), which is quite a long time for a project of this nature. I initially traveled mostly by bicycle or on public transport, so the churches described here were - to some extent - at first selected by being either reasonably close to rail or bus routes, or within easy bicycling distance of my parents' house in Wool. Others have been visited with my wife Rebecca, although I still (re)visit churches by public transport and by walking.

Update (August 2013)

These pages were hosted for many years on personal web space provided by the University of Bath. I have now migrated them to their own domain ( For now, I have kept changes to a minimum, although I have needed to make some small changes to site structure.

I have also created a new page that gives access to information about selected churches outside Dorset. On the original site, I created a handful of pages for churches that happened to be just over the county boundary, but will aim to expand this, if time permits:

Please note that the inclusion of a building on these Web pages does not mean that they (or their environs) will be open to the public. Some are located on private land, others are no longer used as church buildings and have been converted to residential (or other) use.

Featured Churches


Abbotsbury (St. Nicholas)
Affpuddle (St. Laurence)
Alderholt (St. James)
Allington (St. Swithun)
Almer (St. Mary)
Alton Pancras (St. Pancras)
Anderson (St. Michael -- redundant)
Arne (St. Nicholas)
Ashmore (St. Nicholas)
Askerswell (St. Michael)
Athelhampton (St. John -- redundant, now St Edward's Orthodox Church)


Batcombe (St. Mary)
Beaminster (St. Mary)
Beaminster (Holy Trinity -- redundant, now a private dwelling)
Beer Hackett (St. Michael)
Belchalwell (St. Aldhelm)
Bere Regis (St. John the Baptist)
Bettiscombe (St. Stephen)
Bincombe (Holy Trinity)
Bindon Abbey -- not open to the public
Bingham's Melcombe, see: Melcombe Horsey
Bishops Caundle (dedication unknown)
Blackdown (Holy Trinity)
Blandford Forum (St. Peter and St. Paul)
Blandford St. Mary (St. Mary)
Bloxworth (St. Andrew)
Boscombe (St. Andrew), see: Bournemouth
Boscombe (St. Clement), see: Bournemouth
Boscombe (St. John the Evangelist), see: Bournemouth
Bothenhampton (Holy Trinity)
Bournemouth (All Saints, West Southbourne)
Bournemouth (The Annunciation RC, Charminster Road)
Bournemouth (Christ Church, Alumhurst Road, Westbourne)
Bournemouth (Holy Epiphany, Castle Lane West)
Bournemouth (Holy Trinity -- demolished)
Bournemouth (Sacred Heart RC)
Bournemouth (St. Alban, Charminster Road)
Bournemouth (St. Ambrose, West Cliff Road)
Bournemouth (St. Andrew, Florence Road, Boscombe)
Bournemouth (St. Andrew, Kinson)
Bournemouth (St. Andrew, Malmesbury Park)
Bournemouth (St. Augustin, Wimborne Road)
Bournemouth (St. Barnabas, Bearwood)
Bournemouth (St. Barnabas, Queen's Park)
Bournemouth (St. Christopher, West Southbourne)
Bournemouth (St. Clement, St. Clement's Road, Boscombe)
Bournemouth (St. Francis, Charminster Road)
Bournemouth (St. James, Christchurch Road, Pokesdown)
Bournemouth (St. Katherine, Southbourne)
Bournemouth (St. John the Baptist, Wimborne Road, Moordown)
Bournemouth (St. John the Evangelist, Holdenhurst)
Bournemouth (St. John the Evangelist, Surrey Road)
Bournemouth (St. John the Evangelist, Boscombe)
Bournemouth (St. Luke, Wimborne Road, Winton)
Bournemouth (St. Mark, Wallisdown Road, Talbot Village)
Bournemouth (St. Mary, Holdenhurst Road, Springbourne)
Bournemouth (St. Michael, Poole Road)
Bournemouth (St. Nicholas, Southbourne)
Bournemouth (St. Paul -- demolished)
Bournemouth (St. Paul, Throop)
Bournemouth (St. Peter, Hinton Road)
Bournemouth (St. Philip, West Howe)
Bournemouth (St. Saviour, Holdenhurst Avenue, Iford)
Bournemouth (St Saviour, Scott Road, Wallisdown)
Bournemouth (St. Stephen, St. Stephen's Road)
Bournemouth (St. Swithun, Gervis Road East)
Bournemouth (St. Thomas, Ensbury Park)
Bourton (St. George)
Boveridge (St. Aldhelm) -- redundant, now a private dwelling
Bovington (garrison church)
Bradford Abbas (St. Mary)
Bradford Peverell (St. Mary)
Bradpole (Holy Trinity)
Branksome (St. Aldhelm, St. Aldhelm's Road)
Branksome (St. Clement, St. Clement's Road)
Branksome Park (All Saints, Western Road)
Bredy, Little (St. Michael), see: Little Bredy
Bredy, Long (St. Peter), see: Long Bredy
Bridport (St. Mary)
Bridport (St. Andrew -- redundant, now private property)
Bridport (St. John), West Bay, see: West Bay
Broadmayne (St. Martin)
Broadoak (St. Paul)
Broadstone (St. John the Baptist)
Broadwey (St. Nicholas)
Broadwindsor (St. John the Baptist)
Brownsea (St. Mary)
Bryanston (St. Martin -- redundant, now a school chapel)
Buckhorn Weston (St. John the Baptist)
Buckland Newton (Holy Rood)
Buckland Ripers (St. Nicholas)
Burstock (St. Andrew)
Burton (St. Luke)
Burton Bradstock (St. Mary)
Burton, East (chapel), see: East Burton
Burton, Long (St. James the Great), see: Longburton


Canford Cliffs (The Transfiguration)
Canford Cliffs (Chapel of St. Nicholas, Sandbanks)
Canford Magna (dedication unknown)
Cann (St. Rumbold)
Castleton (St. Mary Magdalen)
Catherston Leweston (St. Mary)
Cattistock (St. Peter and St. Paul)
Caundle Marsh (St. Peter and St. Paul)
Cerne Abbas (St. Mary)
Cerne, Nether (All Saints), see: Nether Cerne
Cerne, Up (dedication unknown), see: Upcerne
Chalbury (dedication unknown)
Chaldon Herring (St. Nicholas)
Chaldon, East (St. Nicholas), see: Chaldon Herring
Charborough (St. Mary)
Charlton Marshall (St. Mary)
Charminster (St. Mary)
Charmouth (St. Andrew)
Chedington (St. James)
Chelborough, East (dedication unknown), see: Lewcombe
Chelborough, West (St. Andrew), see: West Chelborough
Cheselbourne (St. Martin)
Chetnole (St. Peter)
Chettle (St. Mary)
Chickerell (St. Mary)
Chideock (St. Giles)
Chideock (Our Lady Queen of Martyrs and St. Ignatius RC)
Chilcombe (dedication unknown)
Child Okeford (St. Nicholas)
Chilfrome (Holy Trinity)
Christchurch (Priory Church of the Holy Trinity)
Christchurch (St. George, Stourvale)
Christchurch (St. John, Purewell)
Christchurch (High Cross Church, Somerford)
Church Knowle (St. Peter)
Colehill (St. Michael)
Compton Abbas (St. Mary)
Compton Abbas West (St. Michael), see West Compton
Compton Valence (St. Thomas à Becket)
Compton, Nether (St. Nicholas), see: Nether Compton
Compton, Over (St. Michael), see: Over Compton
Coombe Keynes (Holy Rood)
Corfe Castle (St. Edward, King and Martyr)
Corfe Mullen (St. Hubert)
Corscombe (St. Mary)
Corton (St. Bartholomew)
Cranborne (St. Mary and St. Bartholomew)
Creech (St. John)
Crichel, Long (St. Mary), see: Long Crichel
Crichel, More (St. Mary), see: More Crichel


Dewlish (All Saints)
Dorchester (All Saints)
Dorchester (Holy Trinity RC)
Dorchester (St. Mary)
Dorchester (St. Peter)
Dottery (St. Saviour)
Dorchester (St. George), see: Fordington
Drimpton (St. Mary)
Durweston (St. Nicholas)


East Burton (chapel)
East Chaldon (St. Nicholas), see: Chaldon Herring
East Chelborough (dedication unknown), see: Lewcombe
East Holme (St. John the Evangelist)
East Lulworth (St. Andrew)
East Lulworth (St. Mary, R.C.)
East Orchard (St. Thomas)
East Parley (St. Barnabas) -- redundant, now a private dwelling
East Stoke (St. Mary)
East Stour (Christ Church)
Edmonsham (St. Nicholas)
Enmore Green (St. John the Evangelist)
Evershot (St. Osmund)
Eype (St. Peter)


Farnham (St. Laurence)
Farrington (chapel)
Ferndown (St. Mary)
Fifehead Magdalen (St. Mary Magdalen)
Fifehead Neville (All Saints)
Fishpond (St. John the Baptist)
Fleet (Holy Trinity)
Folke (St. Lawrence)
Fontmell Magna (St. Andrew)
Forde Abbey
Fordington (St. George)
Frampton (St. Mary the Virgin)
Frome St. Quintin (St. Mary)
Frome Vauchurch (dedication unknown)


Gillingham (St. Mary the Virgin)
Glanvilles Wootton (St. Mary)
Goathill (St. Peter)
Godmanstone (Holy Trinity)
Gussage All Saints (All Saints)
Gussage St. Andrew (St. Andrew)
Gussage St. Michael (St. Michael)


Halstock (St. Mary)
Hammoon (St. Mary)
Hampreston (All Saints)
Hamworthy (St. Gabriel, Turlin Moor)
Hamworthy (St. Michael)
Handley (St. Mary)
Hanford (St. Michael)
Haydon (St. Catherine)
Hazelbury Bryan (St. Mary and St. James)
Heatherlands (Good Shepherd), see Parkstone
Heatherlands (St. John the Evangelist), see Parkstone
Hermitage (St. Mary)
Herston (St. Mark)
Highcliffe (St. Mark)
Hilfield (St. Nicholas)
Hilfield (Friary of St. Francis). See: Batcombe
Hilton (All Saints)
Hinton Martell (St. John the Evangelist)
Hinton Parva (St. Kenelm)
Hinton St. Mary (St. Mary)
Holdenhurst (St. John the Evangelist)
Holme, East (St. John the Evangelist), see: East Holme
Holnest (St. Mary)
Holt (St. James)
Holwell (St. Laurence)
Holworth (St. Catherine by the Sea)
Hooke (St. Giles)
Horton (St. Wolfrida)


Ibberton (St. Eustace)
Iwerne Courtney (St. Mary), see: Shroton
Iwerne Minster (St. Mary)
Iwerne Stepleton (St. Mary)


Kimmeridge (St. Nicholas)
King's Stag (Memorial Chapel)
Kingston (St. James)
Kingston Lacy (St. Stephen)
Kington Magna (All Saints)
Kinson (St. Andrew)
Knighton, West (St. Peter), see: West Knighton
Knowlton (dedication unknown)


Langham (St. George)
Langton Herring (St. Peter)
Langton Long Blandford (All Saints)
Langton Matravers (St. George)
Leigh (St. Andrew)
Lewcombe (dedication unknown)
Leweston (Holy Trinity)
Lillington (St. Martin)
Lilliput (Holy Angels), see: Parkstone (Holy Angels, Lilliput)
Littlebredy (St. Michael and All Angels)
Littlemoor (St. Francis of Assisi)
Litton Cheney (St. Mary)
Loders (St. Mary Magdalene)
Long Bredy (St. Peter)
Longburton (St. James the Great)
Long Crichel (St. Mary)
Longfleet (St. Mary), see: Poole
Lulworth, East (St. Andrew), see: East Lulworth
Lulworth, East (St. Mary, R.C.), see: East Lulworth
Lulworth, West (Holy Trinity), see: West Lulworth
Lydlinch (St. Thomas à Becket)
Lyme Regis (St. Michael)
Lyscombe (Chapel)
Lytchett Heath (St. Aldhelm)
Lytchett Matravers (St. Mary)
Lytchett Minster (St. Dunstan)


Maiden Newton (St. Mary)
Manston (St. Nicholas)
Mapperton (All Saints)
Mappowder (St. Peter and St. Paul)
Margaret Marsh (St. Margaret)
Marnhull (St. Gregory)
Marshwood (St. Mary)
Martinstown (St. Martin)
Melbury Abbas (St. Thomas)
Melbury Bubb (St. Mary)
Melbury Osmond (St. Osmund)
Melbury Sampford (St. Mary)
Melcombe Bingham (St. Andrew), see: Melcombe Horsey
Melcombe Horsey (St. Andrew)
Melplash (Christ Church)
Milborne St. Andrew (St. Andrew)
Milton Abbas (St. James)
Milton Abbey
Milton-on-Stour (St. Simon and St. Jude)
Milton, West (St. Mary Magdalen), see: West Milton
Minterne Magna (St. Andrew)
Monkton Wyld (St. Andrew)
Moor Crichel (St. Mary - redundant, not open to the public)
Morcombelake (St. Gabriel)
Morden (St. Mary)
More Crichel (St. Mary), see: Moor Crichel
Moreton (St. Nicholas)
Mosterton (St. Mary)
Motcombe (St. Mary)
Mudeford (All Saints)


Netherbury (St. Mary)
Nether Cerne (All Saints -- redundant, Churches Conservation Trust)
Nether Compton (St. Nicholas)
North Poorton (St. Peter)
North Wootton (St. Mary Magdalen)


Oakdale (St. George), see: Poole
Oborne (St. Cuthbert)
Okeford Fitzpaine (St. Andrew)
Orchard, East (St. Thomas), see: East Orchard
Orchard, West (dedication unknown), see: West Orchard
Osmington (St. Osmund)
Osmington (Ringstead Old Church) see: Ringstead
Over Compton (St. Michael)
Owermoigne (St. Catherine by the Sea, Holworth) see: Holworth
Owermoigne (St. Michael)


Pamphill (chapel), see: Wimborne Minster
Parkstone (Good Shepherd, Herbert Road)
Parkstone (Holy Angels, Lilliput Road, Salterns)
Parkstone (St. John the Evangelist, Ashley Road)
Parkstone (St. Luke, Sandecotes Road)
Parkstone (St. Osmund, Bournemouth Road)
Parkstone (St. Peter, Church Road)
Parley, West (All Saints), see: West Parley
Pentridge (St. Rumbold)
Piddlehinton (St. Mary)
Piddletrenthide (All Saints)
Pilsdon (St. Mary)
Pimperne (St. Peter)
Plush (St. John)
Poole (St. James)
Poole (Christ Church, Creekmoor)
Poole (St. Mary, Longfleet)
Poole (St. George, Oakdale)
Poole (St. Dunstan, Upton)
Poorton, North (St. Peter), see: North Poorton
Portesham (St. Peter)
Portland (All Saints, Easton)
Portland (St. John the Baptist, Fortuneswell)
Portland (St. Peter, Grove)
Portland (St. Andrew, Southwell)
Portland (St. Andrew, Easton)
Portland (St. George, Reforne -- redundant, Churches Conservation Trust)
Powerstock (St. Mary)
Poxwell (St. John the Evangelist)
Poyntington (All Saints)
Preston (St. Andrew)
Puddletown (St. Mary)
Pulham (St. Thomas à Becket)
Puncknowle (St. Mary)
Purse Caundle (St. Peter)


Radipole (St. Aldhelm)
Radipole (St. Ann)
Rampisham (St. Michael)
Ringstead (Old Church)
Ryme Intrinseca (St. Hippolyte)


St. Aldhelm's Head (chapel)
St Leonards and St Ives (St. Mary)
Salway Ash (Holy Trinity)
Sandbanks (Chapel of St. Nicolas), see: Canford Cliffs (St. Nicholas)
Sandford (St. Martin)
Sandford Orcas (St. Nicholas)
Seaborough (St. John)
Shaftesbury Abbey
Shaftesbury (Holy Trinity)
Shaftesbury (St. James)
Shaftesbury (St. John, Enmore Green), see: Enmore Green
Shaftesbury (St. Peter)
Shaftesbury (St. Rumbold, Cann), see: Cann
Shapwick (St. Batholomew)
Sherborne (Abbey Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary)
Sherborne (St. Paul)
Shillingstone (Holy Rood)
Shipton Gorge (St. Mary)
Shroton (St. Mary)
Silton (St. Nicholas)
Sixpenny Handley (St. Mary), see: Handley
Solway Ash (Holy Trinity), see: Salway Ash
Southbourne (St. Katherine)
Southbourne (St. Nicholas)
South Perrott (St. Mary)
Spetisbury (St. John the Baptist)
Stafford, West (St. Andrew), see: West Stafford
Stalbridge (St. Mary)
Stanton St. Gabriel (St. Gabriel)
Stapehill (All Saints -- demolished by lorry in 2005)
Stapehill (Our Lady of Dolours R.C.)
Steeple (St. Michael)
Stinsford (St. Michael)
Stock Gaylard (St. Barnabas)
Stockwood (St. Edwold -- redundant, CCT)
Stoke Abbot (St. Mary the Virgin)
Stoke Wake (All Saints)
Stoke, East (St. Mary), see: East Stoke
Stour Provost (St. Michael)
Stour Row (All Saints)
Stour, East (Christ Church), see: East Stour
Stour, West (St. Mary), see: West Stour
Stourpaine (Holy Trinity)
Stourton Caundle (St. Peter)
Stratton (St. Mary)
Studland (St. Nicholas)
Sturminster Marshall (St. Mary)
Sturminster Newton (St. Mary)
Sutton Waldron (St. Bartholomew)
Swanage (All Saints)
Swanage (St. Mary)
Swanage (St. Mark), see: Herston
Swyre (Holy Trinity)
Sydling St. Nicholas (St. Nicholas)
Symondsbury (St. John the Baptist)


Talbot Village (St. Mark), see: Bournemouth
Tarrant Crawford (St. Mary and All Saints -- redundant, CCT)
Tarrant Gunville (St. Mary)
Tarrant Hinton (St. Mary)
Tarrant Keyneston (All Saints)
Tarrant Monkton (All Saints)
Tarrant Rawston (St. Mary)
Tarrant Rushton (St. Mary)
Thorncombe (St. Mary)
Thornford (St. Mary Magdalen)
Three Legged Cross (All Saints)
Tincleton (St. John the Evangelist)
Todber (dedication unknown)
Toller Fratrum (St. Basil)
Toller Porcorum (St. Peter and St. Andrew)
Toller Whelme (St. John)
Tolpuddle (St. John the Evangelist)
Trent (St. Andrew)
Turners Puddle (Holy Trinity)
Turlin Moor (St. Gabriel), see: Hamworthy (St. Gabriel)
Turnworth (St. Mary the Virgin)
Tyneham (St. Mary)


Upcerne (dedication unknown)
Upton (St. Dunstan), see: Poole (St. Dunstan, Upton)
Upwey (St. Laurence)


Verwood (St. Michael)


Walditch (St. Mary)
Wareham (Holy Trinity)
Wareham (Lady St. Mary)
Wareham (St. Martin)
Warmwell (Holy Trinity)
West Bay (St. John)
West Chelborough (St. Andrew)
West Compton (St Michael), sometimes Known as Compton Abbas (West)
West Knighton (St. Peter)
West Lulworth (Holy Trinity)
West Milton (St. Mary Magdalen)
West Moors (St. Mary the Virgin)
West Orchard (dedication unknown)
West Parley (All Saints)
West Parley (St. Mark)
West Ringstead (old church) see: Ringstead
West Stafford (St. Andrew)
West Stour (St. Mary)
Weymouth (All Saints, Wyke Regis) see: Wyke Regis
Weymouth (Emmanuel Church, Southill)
Weymouth (Holy Trinity)
Weymouth (St. Aldhelm, Radipole) see: Radipole (St. Aldhelm)
Weymouth (St. Ann, Radipole) see: Radipole (St. Ann)
Weymouth (St. Edmund)
Weymouth (St. Francis of Assisi, Littlemoor) see: Littlemoor
Weymouth (St. John)
Weymouth (St. Martin -- redundant, now private dwellings)
Weymouth (St. Mary)
Weymouth (St. Nicholas)
Weymouth (St. Paul)
Whitchurch Canonicorum (St. Candida and the Holy Cross)
Whitcombe (unknown dedication -- redundant, CCT)
Wimborne Minster (Minster Church of St. Cuthburga)
Wimborne Minster (St. John)
Wimborne Minster (St Margaret's Hospital Chapel)
Wimborne St. Giles (St. Giles)
Winfrith Newburgh (St. Christopher)
Winterborne Clenston (St. Nicholas)
Winterborne Houghton (St. Andrew)
Winterborne Kingston (St. Nicholas)
Winterborne Stickland (St. Mary)
Winterborne Tomson (St. Andrew -- redundant, CCT)
Winterborne Whitechurch (St. Mary)
Winterborne Zelston (St. Mary)
Winterbourne Abbas (St. Mary)
Winterbourne Came (St. Peter -- redundant, CCT)
Winterbourne Farringdon (St. German, ruined)
Winterbourne Monkton (St. Simon and St. Jude)
Winterbourne St. Martin (St. Martin), see: Martinstown
Winterbourne Steepleton (St. Michael)
Witchampton (St. Mary, St. Cuthburga and All Saints)
Woodlands (The Ascension)
Woodsford (St. John the Baptist)
Wool (Holy Rood)
Wool (St. Joseph R.C.)
Woolland (dedication unknown)
Wootton Fitzpaine (dedication unknown)
Wootton Glanville (St. Mary), see: Glanvilles Wootton
Wootton, North (St. Mary Magdalen), see: North Wootton
Worth Matravers (St. Nicholas)
Worth Matravers, St. Aldhelms Head, see: St. Aldhelm's Head
Wraxall (St. Mary)
Wyke Regis (All Saints)
Wynford Eagle (St.Lawrence)


Yetminster (St. Andrew)

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On the Church of England:

A Church Near You, the parish finder produced by the Church of England.
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The Diocese of Salisbury, Most Anglican churches in Dorset - except for some in the north-west and east of the county - are in the Diocese of Salisbury.
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On bells and bellringing:

Salisbury Diocesan Guild of Ringers (SDGR).
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Dorset County Association of Church Bellringers (DCA).
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Dorset Bells and Bellringing, Web pages listing ringable towers in Dorset.
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General Dorset-related sites include:

The Dorset Page.
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Dorset Scenery. A gallery of good photographs of Dorset (including some churches) provided by John Allen:
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Dorset County Council:
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For more information on Dorset in general, there are the Web sites produced by the two main local monthly lifestyle magazines:

Dorset Life - The Dorset Magazine.
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Dorset - the Magazine for People who Like to Explore.
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